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"We were introduced to Andreas Reist and Creative Home Elements while seaching out options for residential curtain walls.  At that time, Andreas was just starting out on his own and marketing a window and door product he had sourced from Austria. We had seen many examples of visually beautiful, well constructed window and exterior door systems in Europe, and were impressed with the quality of the materials Andreas offered and his knowledge of the products.  We decided to order our integrated curtain wall windows and doors from Creative Home Elements and now, 5 years later, can confirm how pleased we have been with that decision.  

Andreas is a true professional and his attention to detail during the measurement, ordering and installation process was first rate.  

The installation was seamless due in large part to his detailed understanding of our construction and his hands on leadership of the installation team.  Andreas has also been extremely responsive to any small issues than have come up post installation.  He fully supports his products and it’s clear that customer satisfaction is important to him. 


Selecting which window and door systems to use in your new home is one of the biggest financial commitments you will make.  We have not seen any comparable North American products and are very pleased we decided to work with Andreas.  

Our integrated window and door curtain walls are one of the highest quality elements of our new home."

Anne Maxwell and Marcel Coutu


“Creative Home Elements supplied all windows and doors both interior and exterior on our home. A home filled with considerable customization that required both creative input and extreme attention to detail. Andreas delivered in both areas, and ultimately supplied and supported an outstanding product. In addition to his creativity and attention to detail, he demonstrated an unwavering willingness to assist us whenever needed.  All of which were crucial in helping us achieve a final product that we all can be proud of.

We would highly recommend Creative Home Elements. “


All the best,

Gary DiSilvestri

I had the pleasure to work with Andreas on intricate, cutting-edge envelope solutions over the last couple of years.

His understanding of latest sustainability and design trends is a great asset to any designer seeking custom design solutions.

I consider Andreas an integral member of my design team.


Raphael Neurohr, Principal, Architect AAA

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