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What is Creative Home Elements?


Creative Home Elements Ltd. was founded in 2010 by Andreas Reist. Andreas has been involved in the construction industry since 1975, when he began his four years finishing carpenter apprenticeship in Switzerland. 

He continued his education in many aspects of residential housing construction, while still working in the trade. Later on, he also worked as a foreman in a woodworking shop, that included building windows. 

After 14 years working hands-on the tools, Andreas felt it was time to add a wider spectrum of knowledge to his expertise through sales. He specialized in highly customized construction production for an independent seller. In a short period of time, Andreas became responsible for several product lines like windows, exterior and interior doors, flooring, panelling and other related products. 

His main focus has been on developing and improving products, together with selected manufacturers, to the highest quality. 

Within two years of offering high-quality windows and doors to the high-end residential housing market of western Canada, Andreas started showing great success. 

After five years in sales in North America and learning the needs of many customers for better, more sustainable products, Andreas engaged in an extensive search for the best manufacturing partners. The result of this research was the founding of Creative Home Elements in 2010. Our purpose is to import and distribute quality building products for high-end construction needs. 

In the past, we have supplied windows and doors, Passive House windows, Exterior window shadings, aluminum-composite panels and much more. Our product range is suited for the high-end to luxurious housing industry; high-efficient NET ZERO, Passive House, as well as light commercial industry. 

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